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Once you place an online order on ,OK Laptops Nigeria, we’ll do our best to deliver it as soon as possible. Pay cash after receiving your order. The mode of payment is cash on delivery within Lagos only.

If you want to get an update on your order? See below to learn how to check your order status and what each status update means.

How to check your order status on OK Laptops Nigeria

If you placed an order through your OK Laptops Nigeria account

  1. Sign in to your OK Laptops Nigeria my account.
  2. Go to the Order History tile on your account dashboard and choose “Orders”.
  3. Once the page opens, find the order you are looking for, and click on “View” to see its current status.

If you can’t find the order you’re looking for, you might have placed it as a guest. See below for steps on how to check a guest purchase order status.

If you placed an order as a guest on OK Laptops Nigeria

  1. Simply look up your order, using your order number and the email address you used to make your purchase.
  2. Once you’re on the Order Details page, look for the order status.

We sell Clean and Quality UK Slightly Used Laptops at affordable prices in Lagos Nigeria, all our products are tested and confirmed OK.

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